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This Asian Semiconductor Devices Manufacturer Implemented Efficient Supply Chain Model to Boost Sales


Scalar Market Research aims to provide real-time data and consulting services to clients around the world. The following case study showcases how we work with our Semiconductor clients across a range of issues to deliver impactful advantage.

The Client Challenge

Our client, a tier 2 company specializing in virtual reality-based devices engaged us to gain pricing analysis to gain advantage in the emerging markets. The client had expansion plans for various emerging markets such as Middle East and Asia Pacific. The client was looking for all the factors influencing the growth in the virtual reality segment. The major challenge for the client included:

  • Pricing analysis for the virtual reality market in the emerging markets
  • Complete analysis of the value chains and general information for the VR industry


Our team began the primary and secondary research activities in order to gather information about the top players in the ecosystem and the market dynamics in entirety. We conducted numerous interviews, which helped us understand the global trends in the virtual reality market. It also assisted us in drawing information about market potential, product analysis, adoption scenarios, and market trends in general. We contacted key stakeholders and leaders in the market and collated intelligence about the industry preferences, competitor prices, product demand trends, and overall market dynamics.

We tracked the performance of various virtual reality-based service providers in the market. This helped us understand the pricing trends and their influence on the growth patterns. We recommended the client with the data to assist in critical decision-making process about value chain. Identification of the end-user preferences and potential business opportunities in the market helped us gather information about different market segment and top players in the ecosystem. Recommendations were made based on the use of all the data drawn from primary and secondary research.


Scalar presented thorough analysis of the value chain, competitor pricing trends and overall end-user preference patterns to the client. We also offered information about the latest trends in terms of the top players and acquisitions in the market. The client was able to gain complete understanding of the industry pricing trends and was able to make critical decisions based on the information we offered.



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