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Pharmaceutical Company Gains Competitive Edge with Successful Acquisition and Product Launch Strategy in Unfamiliar Territory


Scalar Market Research aims to provide real-time data and consulting services to clients around the world. The following case study showcases how we work with our Healthcare clients across a range of issues to deliver impactful advantage.

The Client Challenge

Our client, a major pharmaceutical company, was planning to expand into new business areas through business acquisition and product launch. Understanding the competitive landscape and acquisition target was the foremost goal of the company’s due diligence plan. The prime research objective for Scalar included:

  • Assessment of the technical performance, price and effectiveness of the competitor’s product.


During the primary phase of research, our goal was to summarize all the publicly known data findings about the competitor product. We extracted various conference posters, along with the results of clinical trials and other technical data sources. In order to strengthen the findings, we reached out to the private healthcare professionals and public hospitals. Collating the findings of both the aforementioned data sources helped highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors and all the other companies in the research field.

During the secondary phase, Scalar collected intelligence about the secondary sources, such as, social media profiles of the sales workforce and their participation across diverse online forums accessed by the competitors of our client. Along with analyzing the online discussions, we also performed in-depth surveys of senior level hospital employees, including department heads and sales and purchasing managers. Both these actions helped us draw the structure of the sales force, sales process and exact opinion about the existing competitors.


With help of the Scalar research findings, the client was able to make well-informed decisions for successful acquisition and product launch in the new geographic territory. The research also gave our client an idea of the competitor operations, limitations, customer expectations and the complete market scenario in the particular region they were looking for. Moreover, the client was quickly able to channel its sales force in a unified direction.



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