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Merger of Leading Technology and Internet of Things (IoT) Companies to Achieve High Growth Targets in a Short Span


Scalar Market Research aims to provide real-time data and consulting services to clients around the world. The following case study showcases how we work with our Information and Telecommunication Technology clients across a range of issues to deliver impactful advantage.

The Client Challenge

Our client, a leading technology company acquired a thriving start-up in the internet of things (IoT) from North America. Once the process of over, the company faced several issues, including stagnant sales, lack of innovation and strong competition. The client also wanted to explore business opportunities outside their current area of operations, North America. The major challenges faced by the client included:

  • Better understanding of the growth opportunities outside of North America.
  • Resolve the issues of low sales and achieve better growth.


Our team performed a thorough analysis of the entire business of both the companies. This analysis also included gathering intelligence about their customer base, brand perception, retailer perception, decision-making, and competitive landscape. We offered recommendations about the key trends, revenue channels, growth priorities and developing strong strategy. Our recommendations also included initialization of a strong merger and acquisition strategy and better product development plan to counter the growing competition in the market.

To assess the growth and expansion opportunities in the regions other than North America, Scalar performed a deep dive analysis of the targeted international markets. We drew intelligence about the suitable growth markets and assisted the client in prioritizing the review of its global portfolio. Additionally, we also recommended a go-to-market strategy to the client reflecting key factors, which could potentially lead to success and strong initial growth after immediate expansion of the business.


Scalar provided better business intelligence based merger and acquisition strategy to the client, which helped the client to clear the hurdles from the acquired Internet of Things (IoT) company. The client was able to establish clear targets and assess the most suitable areas of investment, when they decide to expand their business to the regions outside of North America. Prioritization based on the Scalar recommendations also assisted the client to return to achieve successful sales targets.



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