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European Healthcare Company Makes Smooth Business Transition with Innovative M&A Strategy


Scalar Market Research aims to provide real-time data and consulting services to clients around the world. The following case study showcases how we work with our Healthcare clients across a range of issues to deliver impactful advantage.

The Client Challenge

Our client, a top healthcare company from Europe engaged us during their merger with another equally big company from a different geographic region. The client was looking for seamless integration and smooth transition during and after the merger process. In order to realize the potential of this merger, the client required a unified sales model. Although big, both the organizations had different modes of work. One was dealing with specialists and the other one was dealing with a wide variety of products in a more centralized way. The major challenge for the client included:

  • Combine and unit to equally big organizations without disrupting the processes


Our team approached this challenge with the initial aim of designing a strong, combined staff. The primary steps of research included analysis of the current state and structure of both the companies. We analyzed different aspects of integration in order to define and engage with the leadership of both the companies. We recommended a migration plan for a new organization structure, which included new roles and responsibilities to the existing leadership of both the companies.

We offered an overall business transition roadmap focusing on all the essential aspects of business transformation. Our team also offered in-depth product coverage and territory maps enabling minimum customer disruption and increased business opportunities. Team also provided a combination of the salesforce in different geographic regions. The recommendations also included an executive-level plan to the entire integration process and keys to solve problems during transition.


With an aim to achieve the desired results within the predetermined timeframe, the client went ahead with the one year plan we recommended. Within the first year of this merger, the client witnesses steady roadmap towards complete integration of the combined company. The sales channels and existing customer base of both the companies remained steady. Financial performance of both the companies created positive internal forecasts.



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