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Asian Company uses renewable energy, factories replace Lignite with Biogas Fuel


Scalar Market Research offers real-time business insights and consulting services to clients across the globe. The following case study comprehends how we have helped our client accomplish one of the major renewable energy projects.

The Client Challenge

Our Client is one of the largest suppliers of renewable energy raw materials, such as, animal wastes, agriculture wastes and other organic wastes in and around the Asia-Pacific region. They are also equipped with a biogas production plant which generates nearly 13000 million cubic meter of biogas annually. Client was looking forward to increase its production capacity of biogas. While studying the market, client found out that factories in India rely mainly on lignite as fuel due to which the agricultural foundation of the country suffers. Here the client saw an opportunity. They wanted to replace fuel generated from lignite used in factories, by biogas fuel. To accomplish this task client wanted to install a medium size mixed feed biogas plant for generation, purification and bottling of biogas as per R&D standards. The client wanted assistance from Scalar Market Research on the following aspects:

  • To develop a sustainable production plan
  • To estimate the expense and income amount for construction of the production plant


Our team started by studying the biogas market in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly Indian market. The market study helped us create a list of expenses such as, raw materials, electricity, labor, bank loan interest, and other expenses. Data was collected by talking to farmers, in order to understand the amount of crop waste generated every month. Based on the quantity of crop waste, the amount of compressed biogas and organic manure was anticipated which will be the source of income for our client. The entire information gathered helped us predict the profit percentage. The payback period with and without subsidy was also calculated hence providing complete details to the client.


Based on the findings by our team, the client could successfully establish a biogas production plant. Biogas bottling plant was also installed soon. The full cost of the project will be recovered in 5 years. The mixed feed biogas plant proved to be a three-in-one solution for biogas fuel generation, organic manure production and wet biomass disposal. Today the entire project is running successfully and is able to replace lignite fuel worth of Rs. 125 Lacs annually. Compressed biogas has now also become a prominent alternative to petroleum fuel such as LPG, CNG and diesel.



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